Petrowest Construction

Petrowest Construction has delivered many successful projects across Northern Alberta and Northeast BC. with over 1,000 units of heavy equipment strategically located. Petrowest can quickly and economically mobilize to any job site in Western Canada, the Yukon and the Northwest Territories.

Petrowest Construction is comprised of engineers, project managers, field supervisor, safety support and experienced operators. Through a collaborative process with customers, Petrowest delivers quality results on budget and on schedule. Quality Control systems ensure that all Petrowest construction activities follow best operating practices and remain consistent in performance and safe in their delivery.

Petrowest has a robust repair and maintenance program that ensures customer confidence in the entire fleet of equipment. Regular maintenance to complete overhauls are performed from our operations and shops in Fort Saskatchewan, Fox Creek, Grande Prairie and Fort St. John supported by certified mobile mechanical services for on site support to prevent any down time.

Petrowest’s heavy construction equipment is fitted with Trimble Global Positioning Systems (GPS). Trimble systems allow seamless adjustments to be made, resulting in significant cost savings and increased work efficiency.


Petrowest Construction is comprised of operating locations in both British Columbia and Alberta. Petrowest Construction has a fully integrated earthworks division which has the capability and experience to tackle some of the largest civil construction projects in the industry.

The Construction Division specializes in:

  • Well and facility site preparation
  • Earthworks
  • Road building
  • Well site clean-up,
  • Restoration and reclamation
  • Pipeline construction

Petrowest Construction has broad experience providing commercial subdivision construction, rail construction and midstream oilfield.

Land Clearing

Enviro-Mulch Land Clearing Solutions is a subsidiary of Petrowest Construction and provides land clearing and construction site preparation, with operations throughout Alberta and British Columbia.

The mulching business requires personnel that understands the terrain and the equipment. Petrowest mulcher operators possess a unique proficiency for clearing land with the highest efficiency.

Enviro-Mulch is recognized for consistently exceeding customer targets and deadlines which has resulted in a growing customer base in the pipeline, highway and power line business areas.

Enviro-Mulch services include:

  • Lease & Access Clearing
  • Road Side Vegetation Maintenance
  • Agricultural Land Clearing
  • Seismic Line Cutting
  • Frozen Topsoil Mulching
  • Power Line Clearing & Maintenance
  • Fire guard
  • Pipeline Clearing & Maintenance
  • Road Construction
  • Stump Removal